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Fujitsu Group Companies offer a wide range of solutions that can be used with Oracle products. PRIMECLUSTER, SPARC ENTERPRISE, PRIMERGY, PRIMEQUEST, Tablets & Notebooks, Eternus Storage Solutions from Fujitsu Group cater to business-critical industry requirements. Fujitsu Group and Oracle also offer a number of collaborative solutions, including FlexFrame for Oracle, Oracle Enterprise Linux, Oracle VM, and NetCOBOL Support for Oracle Pro*COBOL.

Oracle is the first software company to develop and deploy 100 percent internet-enabled enterprise software across its entire product line: Database, Application Server, Collaboration Software, Enterprise Business Applications, and Application Development and Decision Support Tools. Oracle believes that users will want to access all applications, from any device, at any time, across any network, and from anywhere in the world.

The Fujitsu Group provides leading-edge IT and communications solutions to help customers unleash the infinite possibilities of broadband Internet for their business success. The group`s technologies cover a wide range of personal and enterprise computing needs, with everything from handheld devices, notebooks, PCs, workstations, servers and other products, as well as a full range of IT services.

The combination of both technologies guarantees customers best in mission critical solutions which are the key drivers of the Information Age in the 21st century

Fujitsu Group Global Product Portfolio


High availability and scalability for the entire IT-infrastructure PRIMECLUSTER is the joint cluster product suite from Fujitsu Group companies. It is currently being marketed and supported worldwide. PRIMECLUSTER offers enterprises a powerful and cost-effective way of linking servers together to maximize the availability and scalability of their IT infrastructure. It has been developed with the business-critical computing needs of enterprises in mind and aims to redefine availability to include not only the uptime of a server, but also by focusing on the entire hardware infrastructure, including the network and the storage devices. A variety of mechanisms is provided to implement high availability and scalability on any layer of today's multi-tier enterprise applications.
The PRIMECLUSTER product suite is offered in the form of solution-oriented server variants which comprise a broad range of services. PRIMECLUSTER is released on both the SPARC based servers with Solaris Operating Environment (beginning with release 8) and the Intel based PRIMERGY with the Linux operating system.
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SPARC ENTERPRISE servers are the latest Solaris servers running the Solaris 10 Operating system. SPARC ENTERPRISE servers are based on SPARC64 VI and VII processors. They are highy scalable, reliable, and ideal for virtualization. SPARC ENTERPRISE product line offers Throughout Computing models (T-series) and Mission Critical models (M-series). Find out more about the SPARC ENTERPRISE product line.
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PRIMERGY Product Lineup PRIMERGY is based on the Intel architecture (IA). PRIMERGY offers the best "price-to-performance" ratio solutions in the business critical computing environments. The Fujitsu Group PRIMERGY products are designed to fulfill the essential requirements (e.g. reliability, availability, performance, cost effectiveness, investment protection) in modern computer architectures.

Are you evaluating options that would enable your business be available anywhere, anytime? PRIMERGY solutions from Fujitsu Group, coupled with over 20 years experience in the IT industry can help you.

The Mission Critical Systems scenario makes high demands on the various modules in the IT infrastructure. Hardware, operating systems and application software must be very reliable to keep business processes running 24 hours a day. In addition, flexible enhancement and extensive system management features are vital for monitoring application scenarios or business processes.

Find out more about PRIMERGY product line.


PRIMEQUEST based on Intel Itanium 2 architecture, offers a reduced cost server alternative that complies to open standards. PRIMEQUEST is ideal for server consolidation in data centers hosting large scale database applications or providing online transaction processing services. Typical application deployments for PRIMEQUEST servers include large-scale database and online transaction processing environments, legacy modernization, ERP platform, and database/server consolidation. Find out why the PRIMEQUEST 500 series is ideal for mission critical data centers.
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PRIMEQUEST 500 server line (three models) with Dual-core Intel? Itanium? 2 processors, provides performance improvements up to 2.5 times that of previous models. Fujitsu PRIMEQUEST servers are built to meet the highest demands of performance, reliability, scalability, flexibility and optimum resource usage in the data center.

The PRIMEQUEST 500 servers integrates the virtualization technology offered by the Dual-Core Intel? Itanium? 2 processors with a number of architectural design features from Fujitsu like the advanced eXtended PARtitioning (XPAR) capabilities of the PRIMEQUEST servers to offer customers the most advanced virtualization capabilities in the market. Not only can system resources such as CPU and memory be partitioned, but I/O Units can also be individually partitioned to optimize resource allocations on a per-partition basis. Augmenting the PRIMEQUEST physical partitioning capabilities, future enhancements built upon the Intel virtualization technology will host virtual partitions, offering a rich multitude of partitioning options. Furthermore, partitions can be defined with system mirror mode, offering industry-leading fault immunity in the memory and cross-bar implementation.

FlexFrame for Oracle

FlexFrame for Oracle is a unique solution for consolidating Oracle on industry standard platforms. FlexFrame for Oracle provides a pre-integrated IT infrastructure solution that dynamically assigns servers to Oracle database and application server services. The latest release is FlexFrame for Oracle RE (Rapid Edition). Read the FlexFrame for Oracle RE White Paper.

Oracle Enterprise Linux (OEL)

Oracle Enterprise Linux is an enterprise-class Linux OS offered by Oracle based on Red Hat Linux. OEL is supported on selected PRIMERGY models and is especially available for Oracle-based Dynamic Infrastructure solution offerings like FlexFrame for Oracle RE and Oracle Warehouse Infrastructure. Find out more information on Oracle Enterprise Linux. Fujitsu Group and Oracle have pre-tested Oracle Validated Configurations on PRIMERGY systems available for rapid software deployment. Find out more information on Oracle Validated Configurations.

Oracle VM (OVM)

Oracle VM is server virtualization software from Oracle, supported on selected PRIMERGY models. Read more on the Fujitsu and Oracle VM partnership. Oracle VM can be integrated on demand into the latest FlexFrame for Oracle RE. Read the FlexFrame for Oracle RE White Paper.

NetCOBOL Support for Oracle Databases and Oracle Pro*COBOL

Fujitsu verifies NetCOBOL with the published operations for various combinations of Oracle Pro*COBOL. Please refer to this link to verify the combinations.
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